Вера Соколянская (nika_ru) wrote,
Вера Соколянская

I am so alone, there is no one here beside me...

This is a very special post for ismira because I feel so guilty when I write in Russian all the time. BTW, I want to complain about shmakamy sister.

I travelled a lot and I lived in different places and there was a certain period in my life when I thought that home is basically everywhere. Everywhere where I have my glasses, my lense container and where I fall asleep. I even considered a hotel to be home if I stayed there for a week.
Then I suddenly realized that home which is everywhere is basically nowhere. And then I found different stuff that makes me feel home. Home is where my laptop is. I officially moved to my boyfriend's apartment June 30th last year because I brought my laptop here. Another thing that makes me feel really home is a CUP. I usually have a cup that makes me feel very special. For many years I had a cup from Guzel, my schoolmate, painted with beautiful drum kit. Roger Taylor from Queen is a drummer, if you remember such things. At my place in Moscow I had a very special cup with Lord of the rings characters (for some reason nastuch thought I am a fan and I didn't argue).

And now when I try to take my favorite cup from my parents' place (the one with Tweety that ismira gave me) I find out that shmakamy sister is desperately in love with it! This is her very special cup and I don't know what do to about it. I know that now I can't take it away because it will make me feel guilty everytime I drink tea (and I drink a lot of tea, guys!).

I bought myself a huge cup and I am trying my best to start feeling something special about it.

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